Our markets

FLUDIS teams develop diverse solutions in different sectors as experts on urban logistic issues. Based on its innovative, competitive and carbon-free identity, FLUDIS designs tailor- made products that match  market expectations and the special needs of major transport, logistic, commercial and distribution  actors.

  • Express

The overall performance of the system allows FLUDIS to guarantee the quality of service and deadlines required in the delivery business. . Territorial access through waterways and agility of the cargo bike at the delivery sites help meet expectations on the customer’s D Day +1or 2.

  • E-commerce – parcels

Hyper growth, zero in-store inventory, just-in-time, omnichannel, physical internet, click and collect, day-ahead deliveries … The digital revolution is transforming the supply chain linked to commerce. The flow of packages in town is constantly increasing (double-digit growth for several years). All actors in urban distribution are being urged to review their organization. FLUDIS designed its first warehouse boat as a real cross-dock platform to provide an effective solution to new challenges and to this new mobility of parcels in town.

Logistical  – diffused flows*
(*Diffused Flows : 1 address = 1 to 3 palettes. )

FLUDIS has expanded its initial positioning by proposing an urban waterway logistical solution for the management of diffused flows to the « Euro-pallets » standard. 

Its multimodal and intermodal tools allow FLUDIS to cope with weight changes over the last kilometer, and its operational organisation to propose new solutions for this branch of activity. Its concepts fit to the delivery and collection circuits for management units of palettes or Euro-pallets type.

  • Supply Chain – Optimisation – Retail – distribution – commerce

FLUDIS is an urban link in the supply chain.

Our company positions itself as a high-preformance and integrated tool for logistic actors seeking to optimise the supply of their distribution, retail and commercial network.

  • First or last kilometer

FLUDIS has developed, fitted, and applied multimodal and intermodal solutions  that respond to the challenges of long-term planning (urbanism) for the supply for our towns ;  thanks to the mastery of the first and last kilometer, the famous «last mile », they ensure the junction between the external (production) and internal  (consumption) activities.

  • Reverse logistics / circular economy

FLUDIS responds also to the challenges of reverse logistics and seeks to optimise and emphasise the value of  the applied solutions. Collection and delivery on the ground is workable in the same way as the distribution circuit. We  aim to optimise the use of infrastructures, time (human capital) and space (mobility).  We wish to be part of the emergence of softer and more peaceful towns.