Our markets

FLUDIS team develops a wide range of solutions tailored to the needs of major supply chain players, as well as local authorities seeking to respond to today’s urban logistics issues.

Our long-standing expertise in river and cyclo-logistics urban logistics offers you alternative or complementary tools to the all-road logic.

  • Our customers :

Shippers who decide to find multimodal solutions (particularly river transport) to bring their products to city centers without the constraints of road transport, while remaining competitive.

Local authorities who want to regain control of urban goods transport, in order to limit the externalities of road transport (pollution, noise, congestion, visual nuisance, stress).

Carriers who want to outsource the urban segment to avoid congestion, pollution and the complex management of a fleet of vehicles in city centers.

  • Our businesses :

Designer and developer of multimodal and river solutions :
We create a mobile agency that enables you to reconcile river transport, storage and order picking for your goods. Our innovative, carbon-free barges are the solution to your urban logistics problems.

Last-mile integrator : pallet delivery
You entrust us with your pallets upstream of Paris, and we deliver them to the center of Paris via our mobile agency.

Last-mile integrator : parcel delivery / E-commerce
You entrust us with your pallets upstream of Paris, then we dispatch them during navigation before delivering them to the center of Paris via our mobile agency.

Reverse logistics :
Always with a view to optimizing and adding value to the solutions deployed, FLUDIS solutions also meet the challenges of reverse logistics. Local pick-ups and collections can be handled in the same way as distribution circuits. Our aim is to optimize resources (infrastructure), time (human capital) and space (mobility) in order to contribute to the emergence of smoother, calmer cities.