We help our customers, whether they are shippers, local authorities or carriers, to study and develop concrete, effective solutions to the problems of urban logistics (pollution, noise, congestion, visual nuisance, stress).

Thanks to our knowledge of the river and urban environment and our expertise in urban logistics, our team can offer you customized, turnkey models: innovative, low-carbon, multimodal solutions.


An emblematic solution from FLUDIS, the mobile agency (or warehouse ship) is based on the link between river and land modes of transport. The massification of flows from the barge enables goods to be transported to the very heart of the city, before being distributed in the city center (parcels or pallets).
Our barges are 100% electrically propelled and, thanks to their on-board loading and unloading equipment, are completely independent of any dockside infrastructure. They can access all types of urban quay.

The mobile agency can handle all stages of delivery round preparation, accommodate logistics teams, and transport the Cyclofret® (cargo bikes) used for last-mile deliveries.

At full capacity, in parcel configuration, a mobile branch can handle several thousand parcels a day.

  • Cyclofret®

CYCLOFRET® is an intermodal cargo bike for the transport of goods over « the last mile » or in the warehouse. It has the capacity to transport pallets or containers in Euro-pallet format, for a total payload of 250 kg and a usable volume of 1.7m3. It is self-unloading and does not need any handling tools to load or unload pallets or containers.

Designed to meet the expectations of transport and logistic professionals by limiting loading halts , CYCLOFRET® is the result of several experiments regarding the design and use of collection and delivery vehicles.

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