• Urban Logistics

Our deep understanding of current and future issues in urban logistics, our previous experience and our know-how, allow us to offer our customers solutions that match their expectations and their ambitions. With experience in setting up and developing innovative and carbon-free solutions, FLUDIS teams offer tailor-made, turnkey models to those keen to base their activity on sustainable urban logistics.

  • Mobile Agency (warehouse ship)

Iconic solution of the company FLUDIS, the mobile agency is based on combining fluvial and terrestrial modes for routing / mass discharge  and then dissemination and / or “milk-run” collection  of the flow of goods. It uses a decarbonized and optimized system. A 100% electric propulsion warehouse boat serves as a vehicle for entering and leaving the city. The mobile agency can handle all the preparation of the delivery rounds, to host the logistics teams, as well as to transport the Cyclofret® (cargo bikes) used for the last kilometer. The loading / unloading equipment onboard allows the agency to be completely independent of any dock infrastructure and to have access to all types of urban docks.

At full speed, a mobile agency can process several thousand packages each day.

Gilles Manuelle developed the concept protected by intellectual property rights within the framework of a Unique Interministerial Fund (FUI) programme funded between 2012 and 2015 as part of a consortium with two public laboratories, the Transport Economics Laboratory backed by the CNRS, and the Le Havre Electrical and Automation Research Group (GREAH). The FUI support, as well as a real conditions experiment using a Freyssinet barge refitted between 2012 and 2014  has demonstrated the organizational added-value of the solution to design the boat (architecture, layout and equipment).

  • Cyclofret®

CYCLOFRET® is an intermodal cargo bike for the transport of goods over « the last mile » or in the warehouse. It has the capacity to transport pallets or containers in Euro-pallet format, for a total payload of 250 kg and a usable volume of 1.7m3. It is self-unloading and does not need any handling tools to load or unload pallets or containers.

Designed to meet the expectations of transport and logistic professionals by limiting loading halts , CYCLOFRET® is the result of several experiments regarding the design and use of collection and delivery vehicles

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