The company

  • What is it about ?

New player in urban logistics created in 2016, FLUDIS offers competitive and carbon-free solutions to key accounts and major players in transport, logistics and commerce. At the crossroads between terrestrial expertise and fluvial innovation, FLUDIS carries out the complete  service of the last and the first kilometers : research and development, design and implementation of the solution, then – if necessary – exploitation through products combining real estate, delivery and collection, supervision and customer interaction.

At the heart of the challenges of the Cities of Tomorrow, FLUDIS allows its customers to maintain their productivity and the quality of service while enrolling them in a new sustainable, flexible and efficient organization.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

FLUDIS is resolutely committed to an approach on energy, and ecological and social transitions, as sustainable for its customers as for the territories where its solutions are applied. FLUDIS  transposes historically road-based organizations into an organisation, based on underutilized infrastructures such as waterways and “intentionnally under-sized” urban vehicles such as cargo bicycles.  FLUDIS’s organization  represents a virtuous approach. At full speed, a mobile agency dedicated to express courrier services saves a minimum of 300,000 km travelled by light commercial vehicles, equivalent to the emission of 110 tons of C02 avoided each year.

To ensure the continuity of a quality service to its customers, FLUDIS gives full-time contracts to its operational teams, including bike delivery personnel. In this way FLUDIS contributes to the empowerment  of its workers and the enrichment of these new jobs.